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Headquartered at our Baltimore Facility
Attorney Owned & Operated
We Strive for 100% Compliance
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At The Lender Advantage we offer all our clients with the latest in recovery technology.
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At The Lender Advantage we only hire professionals with years of experience.
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At The Lender Advantage we record, document and archive everything.
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Risk is part of your business. Selecting the right asset recovery company shouldn't be a part of that risk.
Headquartered at our Baltimore facility, The Lender Advantage is owned and operated exclusively by lawyers with decades of experience. As an attorney-owned agency, we strive for 100% compliance.
There are many agencies that can find your collateral, including ours, but what we do better than anyone else is minimize your exposure to the potential down-sides of asset recovery. The Lender Advantage accomplishes this through a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved, a strict adherence to the intricate webs of rules and regulations governing repossession activity, and an unyielding dedication to exceeding industry standards in everything we do.
Our agents understand the importance of accountability too. We keep our staff up to date on best-practices through a rigorous in-house schedule and required certification by nationally recognized training programs. This has led to maintaining the highest service levels for our lender-partners, meeting and often exceeding their rigorous demands.
Our service record and business practices are unparalleled. With a recovery rate that beats the industry average month after month, and a dedication to surpassing performance quality standards, The Lender Advantage is ready to service all of your recovery needs.

The Lender Advantage
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