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Let's face it. Too many recovery companies are still doing it the way they always have, but if they aren't embracing innovation and adopting new technology to make themselves more efficient, they are dinosaurs.

At The Lender Advantage we offer all our clients the latest in recovery tech. As full Recovery Database Network (RDN) users we offer the ablity to assign, update and close your accounts online at any time. If you have new info on an account, simply add it to your RDN account and our agents will receive it in the field in real time. Likewise we have embraced Clearplan technology. Updates from the field are instantaneously emailed to you, so there is no more waiting and wondering what is happening with your accounts.
Online Assignments
Login to RDN to submit assignments to us.

Please contact our office if you need a login.

Clearplan is software built to optimize the repossession process. As repossession professionals, Clearplan helps us secure collateral faster. It is a valuable tool that eliminates confusion and puts our entire team on the same page in securing collateral.
Reaching a New Level of Efficiency

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